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Houghton Answers Your Frequently Asked Questions

  • Q: How is your service different from a traditional automotive shop?
    Unbiased Advice As we are not tied to any particular manufacturer, we can provide non-biased advice that is impossible to find at the dealership. A dealer must tell you that his brand and his inventory are the best or risk losing your business. As we represent all brands, we do not have this dilemma. We recommend what is right for you. Selection We have a vast selection here at Everything Automotive By Houghton from which to choose. So selection will never be an issue like you will often find at other places. Customer Service We want a customer for life. The majority of our business is referral based—your complete satisfaction is critical to us. If you have any questions at all feel free to contact us.
  • Q: Will installing aftermarket products void my new vehicle warranty?
    Installing aftermarket products on your new vehicle does not void your factory warranty. If a problem develops that is directly related to your aftermarket product installation, any cost associated with the installation will be covered directly by the corresponding vendor. Obviously, this does not pertain to any misuse and/or abuse of the product by the customer. Any work done on the vehicle must be authorized by the appropriate vendor.
  • Q: How does automobile window film work?
    Window film is made out of a clear polyester layer of film. It is applied to the inner surface of the glass, which provides significant solar insulation and is finished with a strong scratch resistant coating. It is a myth that window film has to be dark to be effective. Unlike sunglasses that impair your ability to drive at night, window film is designed to reduce glare and not impede nighttime driving. Window film does not just block visible light. It also blocks harmful cancer-causing UVA and UVB rays, as well as infrared rays that cause heat to build up in your car. How effective a film is blocking these rays depends on the film type, the manufacturer, and the quality of the installation.
  • Q: Is automobile rust protection really needed?
    Consumers should know that there is no such thing as a steel vehicle that is rust free, even with today’s advanced auto industry technology. Rust has been slowed down significantly, but not eliminated, as any materials engineer will attest. Steel vehicles exposed to salt and water will still rust, but it takes a few years longer for the rust to break through than in the 1980s. Vehicles subject to salt and humidity, rust protection makes a wise investment.
  • Q: How do I choose a professional detailer?
    A vehicle is the 2nd largest investment for most people - a major asset. You want a truly professional organization performing work on your investment. A company who is knowledgeable about the chemicals, equipment, and the various surfaces of each vehicle. A company who is constantly updating their staff’s skills via training and education to keep pace with the ever-changing technology. The people who perform service on your vehicle should be superior craftsmen and committed to customer satisfaction.
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